Angular momentum of time dependent particle motion

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A particle of mass m moves in a circle of
radius R at a constant speed v. Assume: The
motion begins from the point Q, which has
coordinates (R, 0).
Determine the angular momentum of the
particle about point P, which has coordinates
(−R, 0) as a function of time.

The answer choices can be found at:

2. Relevant equations
v = Rω
L = R x p = Rpsin(θr,p) = Rmv(sinθr,p)
θf = θi + (ωit)
θf = θi + (vt/R)

3. The attempt at a solution
L1 at position Q = R x p = Rpsin(θr,p) = Rmv(sinθr,p)

L2 at position P = R x p
L2 at position P = Rpsin(-θr,p)
L2 at position P = Rmv(-sinθr,p)
L2 at position P = Rmv(sin((vt/R)+∏)))

However all answers have Rmv(____ + 1) factor. Which I do not have. Therefore I have reason to believe that my answer is incorrect.

My guess is that the answer is Rmv(sin((vt/R)+∏))+1)

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