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Physics Inventions is targeted to those interested in physics, inventions, discoveries, latest research papers, innovations, research papers for students, science  and technology.

Around 45% of the audience is from the USA, 20% from the UK and the rest made up of India (5%), Canada (4%), and Australia (2.5%) with the remaining percentage coming from all over the world.

Award Winning Blog

Physics Inventions is award winning website. Rated by top universities and research institutes all around the world.

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Physics inventions is featured and linked back from many universities & research portals. Physics inventions has high number of readers searching for research papers, physics and technology material online. Our website get around 50k users each month from different search engines.

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Sponsored Posts and Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored posts – $100 – Sponsored posts are posts written by you and includes an Author Bio with a link to Your Business website. Please note that the sponsored posts must be of high quality as you must have seen that posts on this blogs are of high quality and minimum of 600 words. Quality of post is reviewed by our moderators before appearing it on our website so we don’t compromise on quality.

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Sponsored Reviews  – You can get your products, technology products, research papers, website or business/services reviewed on this blog. Review will be written by our PHD scholars or research associates so it will be unique and real review.

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What Can I Advertise?

You can advertise anything like technology products , your research project for audience or website or business. We reserve the right to reject and refund any advertiser.