The 3 Books Every Homeschooling Parent Should Read

There are various sources of information you can gain more access to knowledge about homeschooling your child. You can ask the homeschool, homeschool groups and communities, teachers, and other homeschool parents for tips and advice. Books are great sources of information too.

It’s important to prepare yourself and your child for homeschooling. If you and your child are first timers then you really need to make sure you are ready or at least have an idea of what is going to happen and how you can enjoy the experience of educating your child at home.

Increasing your knowledge on how homeschooling works and learning techniques on how to teach can make you planning and implementation smoother and more productive.


Reading about homeschooling can mentally prepare you and remove any self-doubt and anxieties.

Here are our top 3 books that are essential for homeschooling:

The Bible

Never forget about our purpose. God’s love and laws for us don’t change. They’re the only thing that is consistent in the changing world. Whether it’s in the curriculum or not planting God’s word and Jesus to grow strong moral fibers in you and your child is what every homeschooling family needs. This doesn’t only bring you and your child closer to God, but it also creates the backbone of your child’s social skills.


So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling: Fifteen Families Show How You Can Do It by Lisa Welchel

Having doubts and perceptions can be as discouraging to some of the parents who think of homeschooling. It’s advisable to ask around from people who have already done it. You’ll be glad to know their personal struggles and successes. This book by Lisa Welchel provides you with answers to most questions you might have in mind. It includes aspects expected in learning of the student such as learning disabilities, socialization, and many more. It gives some good points which make you feel that you can definitely teach your own children. You just have to really want to do it for them.


Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn

One of those books which isn’t only about homeschooling or ‘teaching’ our children. It is about parenting and guiding our children throughout the different aspects of their development. This book by Alfie Kohn shows how parents relate to their kids on a different perspective. It is a book about parents’ love to their kids in general. It describes his approach to parenting in a very calm, peaceful way. The moment we embrace homeschooling into our family’s lifestyle, it’s more than teaching lessons to our child, it is also maintaining a very good relationship with them. We want to build a relationship based on love and respect. We don’t need to play teacher-student role at home just like how we know they do it in regular schools. You will also discover alternatives to our traditional ways.


Let these 3 books help with your homeschooling journey. There are more good reads out there waiting for you to discover. They are good additional investments and resource guides. Read them anytime, especially during those times when families blurt about their ‘tried and tested’ regular schools, of when you feel like you can’t do it, or simply just to know more from people who have good ideas to share.

Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies.

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